Thursday, 28 January 2010

Spring Clean!

Belated season's greetings to you all!

I feel I have malnourished this blog somewhat, not nurtured it well enough, neglected it.

Well, not anymore. I have decided, new year, new decade, new course - so I am going to keep it updated with some of my works, interests, videos, influences and whatnot, wherever and whenever possible.

2009 was a bumpy but refreshing year. I finally had my operation turning me into half human, half robot but now I feel as if I have a whole new lease of life. Much better.

All my wordly possesions were taken 500+ miles by train, on my own.


3 Cases of luggage

2 laptops

a trolley

2 hiking rucksacks

small backpack
a small hold-all
and a dash of plastic bags.
I have been collecting frames; all shapes and sizes and have been mounting my work on one of the walls.

The plan is to cover the whole wall. Here are some of the pieces:

The pornographic Collection!

Excuse the mess! But this is the wall so far.

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