Thursday, 28 January 2010

Brick Lane exhibition!

I had my work exhibited in LCB surf & skate store on Bethnal Green Road, at the end of Brick Lane. This was my first ever exhibition and it went swimmingly well! It was held by 'Sequence Collective' - and was curated by Oliver Chapman.

Each poster was handscreen printed.
My good man Louis hooked me up with the exhibition. I think my work was the only first years work there. Other guest artists included 'Zeroten', 'The 5683', 'The Inventory Studio' and 'Come Along Fool'.

The theme to work towards was 'Sequence'.


Here is the price guide that folds out to be the A3 poster [see above]. My name is next to Drew's! Check out Drew's work @

I found it quite a shame that there were only two or three traditional illustrations on show including my own, the rest were screen prints or digital prints. Computers are merely tools, people nowadays rely too heavily on them.

Here are some of the photos from the exhibition from Oliver Chapman's 'in sequence' blog


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