Thursday, 28 January 2010

Thoughts & Ideas

I think I want to combine my love of hip-hop and watercolour and create a painting.
I love old hiphop from the 90's; Da bushbabees, Big L, Keith Murray, 3MG, Guru, Lost Boyz etc. None of this over produced 50cent lyrical nonsense!

Guru's 'Jazzmatazz - watch what you say feat. Chaka Khan
I have also submitted myself to Just Us Collective [ ]
Hopefully I'll be part of their collection! I'll find out on 7th March.


I did this on tuesday and it practically consued my whole day!
My idea of hell is navigating by map!

Brick Lane exhibition!

I had my work exhibited in LCB surf & skate store on Bethnal Green Road, at the end of Brick Lane. This was my first ever exhibition and it went swimmingly well! It was held by 'Sequence Collective' - and was curated by Oliver Chapman.

Each poster was handscreen printed.
My good man Louis hooked me up with the exhibition. I think my work was the only first years work there. Other guest artists included 'Zeroten', 'The 5683', 'The Inventory Studio' and 'Come Along Fool'.

The theme to work towards was 'Sequence'.


Here is the price guide that folds out to be the A3 poster [see above]. My name is next to Drew's! Check out Drew's work @

I found it quite a shame that there were only two or three traditional illustrations on show including my own, the rest were screen prints or digital prints. Computers are merely tools, people nowadays rely too heavily on them.

Here are some of the photos from the exhibition from Oliver Chapman's 'in sequence' blog


Spring Clean!

Belated season's greetings to you all!

I feel I have malnourished this blog somewhat, not nurtured it well enough, neglected it.

Well, not anymore. I have decided, new year, new decade, new course - so I am going to keep it updated with some of my works, interests, videos, influences and whatnot, wherever and whenever possible.

2009 was a bumpy but refreshing year. I finally had my operation turning me into half human, half robot but now I feel as if I have a whole new lease of life. Much better.

All my wordly possesions were taken 500+ miles by train, on my own.


3 Cases of luggage

2 laptops

a trolley

2 hiking rucksacks

small backpack
a small hold-all
and a dash of plastic bags.
I have been collecting frames; all shapes and sizes and have been mounting my work on one of the walls.

The plan is to cover the whole wall. Here are some of the pieces:

The pornographic Collection!

Excuse the mess! But this is the wall so far.